All songs ©1996-1999 The Purple Room

All songs written, arranged, and generally fussed-over by Moe

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Christopher Schardt and Jim Dean at The Purple Room, San Francisco

Photography: Jen Cheek
Package Design: Jenifer Bailey

Vocal coaching: Raz Kennedy


Jeff, Bob, Les, John, Brett, Trisha, Lilli, Danny, Fritch, Spence, Brian, Josh, Josh, and Deebs - for the inspired and inspiring performances

Jim Dean - for having more of a vision for this album than Moe

Raz Kennedy - for the constant flow of inspiration and support

Joe Fuentes, Peter Dematté, Jenn Sramek,Tina Spiegl, Liz Pisco, Julie Stock, John Melendez, Lynn Asher, Mike Fritch, J Sciarra, Joseph Pope, Zack Sarconi, Josh Sondheimer, John Angelico, Ron Abrams, Jack Tuller, Steve Hales, Chris Muir, Beau Bolle, Max&Molly - for the valuable feedback and invaluable emotional support

James Brown, Donald Fagen, Thelonius Monk, Me’Shell Ndegéocello, Lewis Taylor, Todd Rundgren, Al Green, Ani Difranco, Prince, George Clinton, Tom Waits, Neil Finn, Andy Partridge, David Byrne - for the excellent lessons by example

Thomas Dolby, Tom Dimuzio, Dave Greenberg, Arjan McNamara - for technical assistance