Jim Dean

Jim Dean has been producing and engineering for 20 years. As well as recording a diverse group of musical artists ranging from Stan Getz toRonnie Montrose and Los Tigres Del Norte to Kotoja he has also produced and directed several training videos, a childrens educational video and written for television in his native Canada. Jim has worked on several Gold and Platinum selling records as well as engineering 11 records which were nominated for Grammy¨ awards including a winner in 1987 and an American Music Award nomination in 1999. Prior to moving to the San Francisco Bay area, Jim co-founded the Institute of Communication Arts, a British Columbia trade school dedicated to the teaching of audio engineering and production, media arts and multimedia production. Jim has worked extensively with computers since 1983 and was involved in projects conducted with Apple Computer in 1986 which would later evolve into what is now known as CD-ROM. He was production co-ordiatior on a CD-ROM title for Carlos Santana and is currently recording several music projects.

More importantly, Jim is Moe's and Christopher Schardt's good friend. He came up with the idea of recording Grooveprint in Christopher's home, which proved to be the relaxed setting needed to get the best groove out the band. The drum tone too, is all his work. He taught Christopher a lot about mixing.

Thanks Jim!
Moe and Christopher