released 8/99

Intro Allegro
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  • groove: way up-tempo, like drum&bass with real drums&bass&guitar&keys&horns
  • story: Moe had a dream. He was in a club watching another funk/jazz band play. They were tuning up, pretending to not notice the audience, when suddenly they broke into this groove. Moe was SO jealous that he hadn't thought of it. Then he woke up grinning.
  • au courant sequencing by Brian
  • guitar scream/solo by Jeff
  • credits

Groove Takes Over
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mp3 - 3530K

  • groove: syncopated swing funk, tightly coupled bass&guitar, JB horns
  • story: celebration of the power of music to soothe the savaged beast
  • deep-pocket bass by Joshua
  • boppy trumpet solo by John
  • nice background vocals by Trisha
  • lyrics/credits

Life Is Funky
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mp3 - 3320K

  • groove: very tight swing funk, interlocking jaco-bass, JB guitar, and organ
  • story: Moe's impression of the all-too-common contrast between rich and poor in San francisco and other thriving cyber-towns
  • sexy lead-response vocals by Brett
  • weeping wah-guitar solo by Jeff
  • lyrics/credits

Don't Need That Thing
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mp3 - 5230K

  • groove: slow, New Orleans-ish swing with James Brown-ish guitar riff, many vocals
  • story: Moe's tale of materialism and redemption in the face of the SUV onslaught
  • deep, rich groove by Deebs
  • nice timbale work from Danny
  • up-the-mountain-and-jump-off piano solo by Superbob.
  • lyrics/credits

Nature Wins Again
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mp3 - 4710K

  • groove: tight straight funk, driven by sax/trumpet ostenato, monster lead line
  • story: a twist on the common isn't-it-just-so-sad environmental pop song
  • earth-shaking bass groove by Spencer
  • sky-is-falling drum breaks by Deebs
  • bleeding-heart sax solo from Lester
  • lyrics/credits

What Goes Around Gets Around
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mp3 - 4040K

  • groove: tight swing funk, lots of bounce and drive, interlocking chorus vocals, cute vintage turntable effects
  • story: a bit of a told-you-so rant that embarasses Moe a little to sing today, but it works!
  • amazing on-the-one triplets in the groove from Deebs
  • super smooth Trisha backups
  • tasty muted trumpet licks by John
  • beautiful Carlton-esque guitar solo from Jeff
  • lyrics/credits

Livin' For The Party
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mp3 - 2130K

  • groove: extremely tight swing funk, the most intense on the disc, lotsa horn lines
  • story: Moe's sad observation of a dear friend falling into a common trap
  • me'shell-crazed bass work by Joshua
  • beautiful lead-response backup vocals by Trisha
  • skin-tight horn section: John & Lester
  • so long, so hot sax solo by Lester
  • lyrics/credits

But I Want You
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mp3 - 3400K

  • groove: slow swing, tweaky walking bass on guitar, strong muted-trumpet lead line
  • story: a simple obsession in defiance of reason
  • thanks to Jeff for the inspired textural guitar part he didn't want to play
  • lyrics/credits

When You Touch Me
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mp3 - 3810K

  • groove: deep, loose rock-funk, hairpin-turn horn breaks
  • story: the world's oldest pop song topic, a little deeper perhaps
  • tremendous bass groove, fills, and solo by Joshua
  • awfully sexy backup vocals by Brett.
  • lyrics/credits

Feel Like A Beginner
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mp3 - 4770K

  • groove: fast, relentless swing funk, big horn line, power-acid-jazz trio breakdown
  • story: the lighter-than-air feeling of being touched by someone for the first time
  • the trio: Deebs, Joshua, and Lester.
  • squirrelly guitar by Mike Fritch.
  • lyrics/credits

Going To The Other Side
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mp3 - 4220K

  • groove: loose-tight swing funk, like floating underwater, wiggly horn lines, bubbles, improvised atonal groove jam
  • story: the story of Moe's grandmother gracefully embracing the ultimate transition
  • so-laid-back guitar groove by Jeff
  • tasty horn work by John & Lester
  • Moe's best singing
  • lyrics/credits