Shockwave audio

Shockwave is Macromedia's format for delivering animation and sound on the web. I'm only covering the audio part.

sound quality


browser issues

Browser requires Macromedia's Shockwave plug-in. Fortunately, this is often already found in Navigator and Internet Explorer installations..

Playback can't fast-forward or rewind (except to the very start).

authoring issues

Requires Macromedia's SoundEdit 16, Director, Flash, or Authorware software to encode Shockwave audio (.swa) files. If you have an older version, you may have to download an XTRA:

Somewhat more involved process to set up in web page than for other formats.

server issues

Server does not require special software.

security issues

Theoretically, a user could download the .swa file (if they can find it's URL), hack it to get at its MPEG-3 data, and use it in unauthorized ways.

This doesn't mean much to me since I'm putting up files that are highly compressed and wouldn't be useful for sampling or whatever.

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