Burning Underwater
released 10/96

Got Your Soul
mp3 - 3980K

  • Some thoughts on human solidarity and integrity.
  • Brilliant, unexpected guitar work from Ron Abrams.
  • lyrics

But I Want You

High Voltage Feelings
mp3 - 3810K

  • A sad but hopeful story, kind of a Mars-Venus thing.
  • Intro/chorus horn line by Linque.
  • lyrics

Burning Underwater
mp3 - 4550K

  • Talking 'bout really digging someone.
  • Percussion arrangement inspired by Deebs.
  • Underwater guitar by Mike Fritch.
  • Thanks to Raz for vocal inspiration.
  • lyrics

Let It Lie
mp3 - 3860K


  • Some thoughts on living life fully.
  • Thanks to Mike Fritch for all the loose guitar.
  • lyrics

Groove Takes Over

Life Is Funky

Hold Me Like You Mean It

New Tomorrow

  • Three urban tales (thanks to Ron, Keso and Carol).
  • Thanks to Darren Miner for the muted playing he supposedly couldn't do.
  • lyrics

Caffeine Nicotine and Treason
shockwave - live at Bottom of the Hill 7/97

  • Ah, the delicious danger of it all...
  • Thanks to Cynthia Myers for the little bit country.
  • lyrics


And You Take It

  • Enough is enough, girl!
  • Thanks to Deebs for help with the drums.
  • lyrics

Gimmie a Seat

  • Stories taken from Ron Abrams's real experiences riding San Francisco's MUNI busses to and from Chinatown and North Beach, truly an adventure.
  • Thanks to Ron for the groove.
  • lyrics